Accused Serial Killer Rex Heuermann Charged With 2 More Murders


The remains of the “Gilgo Four” were found on Gilgo Beach in December 2010. Heuermann’s original indictment described them as “petite females approximately 22 to 27 years old, believed to be working as sex workers.” The document added, “All had missing clothing and personal possessions, all had been killed by homicide, all had contact shortly before their disappearances with a person using a ‘burner’ cellphone.”

The original indictment also stated that Heuermann’s phone billing records showed he used his own device in the same general locations as burner phones used to contact Barthelemy, Waterman, and Costello, and where calls were made from Brainard-Barnes’ cellphone to check her voicemail days after her disappearance.

At the time of his arrest, Heuermann was carrying a burner cellphone linked to an email account he allegedly used to conduct online searches related to sex workers, as well as “sadistic, torture-related pornography and child pornography,” the document added.

Heuermann, who was ordered to remain behind bars without bail, has a hearing scheduled for July 30, NBC News reported. He faces multiple sentences of life without parole if convicted.

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