Apple’s folding iPhone: Will Apple’s folding iPhone create havoc in market? Expectations of tech geeks raised high. Details here


Apple’s folding iPhone has been a steady rumor for a long time and ever since Samsung introduced its folding Android smartphone, all eyes are now on Apple for it to roll out its state-of-the-art folding device.

Will foldable iPhones create havoc in the market?

According to a Taiwanese research company Trendforce, if a new folding iPhone brand hits the market, the effects would be seismic as it would dominate the tech market for the coming years, surpassing all records.
The research company has also claimed that the device may not arrive until at least 2027, according to a Yahoo Tech report since Apple always believes in meticulous planning before entering certain segments of technology. Therefore, when it enters the folding phone category, it will do so with all its might and beat all existing records around this particular category. According to Trendforce, the folding smartphone market comprises 1.5% of the total market share currently, mostly due to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 which is priced roughly at £1,749, along with some other Chinese smartphone brands that are also introducing new foldable smartphones in the market.

Will Apple chew away Samsung’s market share?

However, once Apple enters this market with every trick up its sleeve, the market share for the foldable may rise to 4.8%, according to Yahoo Tech. It can be poised to beat Samsung as the current market leader for foldable smartphones once its long-rumored device enters the market. Samsung has considerably failed to maintain its steady hold in the market share as earlier they had a capture of 80% lion share of the foldable smartphone market which has dropped to 60% due to stiff competition from competing brands. This allows Apple to enter the market and eat a big chunk out of Samsung’s market.


When is the foldable iPhone launching?
According to the latest reports, Apple’s long-awaited foldable iPhone is not going to be launched until 2027 but can beat all records once it enters the market.

Has Samsung launched a foldable smartphone?
Samsung has already launched a foldable smartphone earlier and is currently holding a lion’s share of the foldable phones category, with almost 60% of the market share.

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