biggest Cheetah roamed: The biggest Cheetah roamed the earth a million years ago. Know about the animal


There is the biggest Cheetah that roamed the earth, more than a million years ago and weighed as much as a Gorilla. Scientists have examined the fossils of the hefty 420lb cat which they had initially misidentified as the remains belonging to a pre-historic hyena. The findings of this creature have turned the spotlight on the field of evolution, genetics, local geography and other subjects. It has provided insight into the conditions that excited us during the early stages of our planet. About the animalScientists have identified this animal by its scientific name which is ‘Acinonyx Pleistocaenicus’ in the May edition of Quaternary Science Reviews which is a scientific journal. It roamed Eurasia about 1.3 million years ago to 500,000 years ago before it became extinct. They added that the heavy animal which has been traced to the early Middle Pleistocene period and it has been identified as an animal from Eastern Asia. This has shed light on the evolution of the closest relative which is living in Eurasia and is the modern Cheetah whose scientific name is Acinonyx Pardinensis and is from Eurasia.

It has been identified as the latest and the largest member of the species. It is also to be noted that fossil of Cheetahs from Eastern Asia is scarce and fragmented often making it difficult to conduct studies.

Discovered in a cave

The parts of the lower jaw bone of the creature were discovered in 1925. Scientists researched these fossils recently. They have also reported on the discovery of the lower jaw bone and the mouth which were found in a cave in Liaoning in China. In the 1930’s in the same place, a partial skull was found which led some scientists to identify it as part of a hyena. This was proved to be false later. The evidence was found to be crucial to undertake studies on the subject of evolution. The species had also a broad head and developed canine features. The scientists hope to ensure that this encourages further studies in the field of evolution and genetics.


1. How old is the earth?
The earth is 4.6 billion years old and its origins can be traced back to this period. Further, it was 3.8 billion years ago saw the appearance of the first life on earth.

2. When did humans appear on earth first?
7 million years ago, the ancestors of humans appeared on Earth. Homo Erectus appeared on Earth about 2 million years ago.

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