Bravo Star Caroline Stanbury Shares Reality Of Having a Baby at 48


Since the couple hasn’t made any concrete decisions about how they plan to expand their family, they are keeping their options open. 

“We’re looking for a surrogate,” Caroline said. “I never thought I’d be in a position where I’m reading how to find another woman to carry my baby, and I’m trying to figure out what that would look like. What if she wants to live in another country? What if Sergio wants to rub her belly? There are a million questions that [I] don’t have answers to right now.”

But there is one aspect of this parenthood journey Caroline is certain of.

“I think that Sergio will be a great dad,” she expressed, “and he deserves to be a father. And it could be fun! Maybe I’m better prepared to go back into the trenches now. I know exactly what to expect, so I won’t be so overwhelmed by it all.”

She added, “The one thing Sergio and I have given everybody is hope. I’m showing women that they can go on and start a whole new life—perhaps literally—at 48.”

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