Cara Delevingne Shares Rare Insight Into Relationship With Minke


There’s only love in this building.

Cara Delevingne celebrated her second anniversary with musician Minke on June 5, sharing photos of what she quipped was the couple “kissing in front of things” in a heartfelt tribute about their “magical” life together.

“These past two years have been A LOT of life,” the supermodel wrote on Instagram. “A lot of change, growth, pain and most importantly LOVE and I am so lucky to have found the perfect person to ride life’s ups and downs with. I cannot imagine living life without you.”

Reflecting on how their paths managed to cross, she continued, “I spent so long looking for my partner in crime, little did I know that it would be someone I went to school with (and had a baby gay crush on).”

Cara added, “Here’s to many more years being us.”

Indeed, Cara and Minke (born Leah Mason) have a long history together. They studied at Bedales School in Hampshire, England, before reconnecting at an Alanis Morissette concert as adults. 

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