dark matter: Planet Earth moving through dark matter? Here’s what researchers are saying


A yet-to-be-published research paper has suggested that particles of dark matter have been detected in the Earth‘s ionosphere, which is the upper part of the Earth’s atmosphere where the Sun’s rays ionizes atoms to form plasma. According to Yahoo News, radio waves were detected there, at a place, which can be due to the particles undergoing a contact with dark matter.

Supposition theory around dark matter can take years to prove

Although this theory is merely a supposition and can take some years to prove, it can definitely solve some of the most trivial questions and guesses around dark matter and its activities. Some of the biggest unanswered questions around our planet will be resolved if any light is shed on this supposition theory.
Dark matter is something that cannot be detected, let alone be seen, even through lab experiments. However, scientists have often claimed that extremely light particles known as ‘axions‘ could be responsible for acting like large waves of dark waves that flow around the cosmic universe.

Dark matter difficult to detect, observe its interaction with other matter instead, say scientists

Since they are extremely minute to detect or observe, scientists have suggested that is interaction with other matter around them, for example, plasma, should be monitored. Plasma is made up of highly charged particles and there is a high chance that axions may interact with it. Now, this research has led CERN scientists to begin looking for dark matter particles in the Earth’s ionosphere and it looks like they are one step closer towards some answers.

Getting any successful reading around waves of hypothetical dark matter would help in answering some of the trivial and unanswered questions around the cosmic universe, feels science communicator extraordinaire Paul Sutter, according to a report by Yahoo News.

Does dark matter pose a threat to humanity?

Dark matter does not interact with any general matter as far as scientific research goes and therefore humans are definitely not at risk from it. However, it has unknown potentials as dark matter’s complete details are not available to us entirely.


Has dark matter been detected?
According to a latest scientific paper, yet to get published, dark matter particles can be present in the Earth’s ionosphere, based on the reading and researches by CERN scientists.

Where is the ionosphere located?
Ionosphere is located at the highest layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, where the Sun’s rays ionizes atoms to form plasma, that are highly charged particles present in the atmosphere.

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