Joe Biden: Did world leaders ask Joe Biden to ensure Donald Trump’s defeat in 2024 US Presidential Election? Here is what we know


US President Joe Biden in an interview said that many world leaders have expressed their fears of Trump’s return to presidency and have asked him to stop his victory in the 2024 US Presidential Elections, to be held in November. These comments were made in an interview given with ‘Times Magazine‘. Trump is all set to the declared as the Republican Party nominee for the upcoming presidential elections. In the interview, Biden listed down several world leaders and their comments and even highlighted the work he intends to carry out, if he wins the upcoming elections. Presently, Trump is ahead of Biden in all poll surveys.

What did the world leaders say?

He said that there has been no conference he has attended, where the world has not pulled him aside and expressed their concerns regarding Trump’s return to presidency and even urged him to stop the prospects of his return to the White House. He was telling a particular story about a G-7 summit he had attended.
It was during this summit in 2021 when he made the comments that “America is back” that French President Emmanuel Macron responded with a question “for how long”. The president was also questioned by another leader as to how the US would react if something similar to the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill, happened in London.

Biden ripped apart Trump on what he accused him of ‘dereliction of duty’ as he recalled the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. He criticized Trump for sitting and watching television for 3 hours when Capitol Hill was seized by supporters of Trump and the Republican Party. Trump had alleged electoral malpractices before stepping down from his office. He is presently on trial for this offense.

He said that the US democracy and democracies around the world were at stake following this incident. He further added that only Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin would be happy with Trump’s return to the presidency.

He also said that he would continue to support the development and security of Europe in his next term. He also dismissed comments on Chinese power and their rise.


1. How many US Presidents have been unable to secure a second term in office?
There have been a total of 10 US Presidents who have not been elected for a second term in office. This list includes Donald Trump, John Adams and Jimmy Carter amongst others.

2. Who was the US President who was instrumental in signing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran?
Barrack Obama signed this agreement with Iran in 2015. It sought to reduce the Uranium enrichment program of Iran.

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