Joe Keery Breaks Silence on “Big Breakup” From Maika Monroe


“I’m trying to really live in the present and appreciate every day that I’m on set and get to spend with these people who I love,” he said of returning to the set of the Netflix show one last time. “That’s like a good way to try to lead your life in general, just focus on the present.”

Joe and Maika, 31, started dating in 2017, before costarring in After Everything the following year. The two quarantined together during the pandemic, which Joe described as “rare” given their busy schedules.

“I mean, that’s one of the disadvantages of dating someone else in the industry,” he noted in a 2021 GQ interview. “There are advantages as well: somebody who kind of understands what’s going on with you in a pretty deep way. But yeah, I think she’s like me. She doesn’t take it all too seriously.”

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