Mega Millions ticket: He won jackpot of $2.9 million, yet to claim prize money. What will happen to this money?


If ‘tough luck’ becomes the title of any upcoming new music cover, this person should be cast in it. But the catch is, we still don’t know who it is. In a rather bizarre incident, a person who purchased a Mega Millions ticket from a local gas station did not turn up to claim the prize even though the deadline is very near.

Jackpot winner must submit claim within set deadline

The winner of this mega lottery is destined to lose it all if the person does not submit a proper claim in due time for his $2.9 million. If the winner is still left unidentified beyond the deadline of Friday, 5 pm, all of the amount will go to public schools in California.
The unidentified ticket holder needs to visit any one of California State Lottery’s nine offices within the set deadline to claim this mega prize, or all of the $2,941,708 will be at stake and the person will not be able to claim a penny of it beyond the deadline.

Winning ticket lost out on an even bigger jackpot by just one number

According to the ‘New York Post‘, the ticket was bought last December at SK gas station at 11280 National Boulevard in Los Angeles and the winning ticket matched the numbers of the winning lottery. However, it missed out on an even bigger jackpot by a sheer one number.

According to the California State Lottery rules, a winner of this kind of lottery has around 180 days to claim the reward amount from one of California State Lottery’s nine offices. After this period, no request for a claim will be entertained. In the case a claim is not submitted towards the prize, it goes towards the public good.


1. Can I win 2 million USD in Mega Millions?
Yes, some jackpot prizes have a winning amount of $ 2 million and even more. However, it must be understood that the lottery is an addiction and must be played with caution.

2. Can I buy a Mega Millions ticket at a gas station?
Yes, a Mega Millions ticket can indeed be purchased from a local gas station and in the case you win a reward, you can claim it from any one of California State Lottery’s nine offices.

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