Rahul hatching plot to mislead investors: BJP


The BJP termed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi‘s allegation that PM Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah were “directly involved” in the “biggest stock market scam” as baseless and accused him of hatching a conspiracy to mislead the investors. Hitting back at Gandhi, BJP leader Piyush Goyal said the Congress leader was frustrated following the Opposition’s defeat in the Lok sabha polls.Gandhi has alleged that PM Modi and Shah were “directly involved” in what he described as the “biggest stock market scam” in which retail investors lost ₹30 lakh crore, and demanded a joint parliamentary committee probe into it.

Calling the allegations “baseless”, Goyal said that Under PM Narendra Modi’s leadership India transformed from fragile five to fifth largest economy of the world.

“Let me give you one data point on which all Indians will feel proud. In May 2014 when the UPA government left, India’s market cap was at ₹67 lakh crore, today it stands at ₹415 lakh crore,” he told reporters. So, there was a rise of Rs 348 lakh crore and retail investors were its “biggest beneficiary.”

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He further said that in April and May, when the market was rising, foreigners sold in the market and Indian investors took advantage of it and bought it. He claimed that the benefit of this rise in the last two months has been received by Indian investors.

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