Reese Witherspoon Reacts After Nicole Kidman Forgets Her Real Name


Reese Witherspoon‘s been living a big little lie. 

After Nicole Kidman questioned why Reese calls their Big Little Lies costar Laura Dern by her last name, the Legally Blonde actress had to give her pal a gentle refresher on her own moniker. 

“I hate how you call her Dern,” Nicole confessed to Reese in a video for Vanity Fair published June 5, “It sounds so weird. I’m always like ‘Laura,’ and you’re like ‘No, Dern, Dern,’ and I’m like, ‘Why?'”

Reese quickly interrupted her pal’s rant to explain the nickname, saying, “‘Cause my name is Laura, and her name’s Laura, and it’s confusing to me.”

The Morning Show star went on to remind Nicole that her birth name is Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon, which she shortened to her mother Betty‘s maiden name before pursuing a career in acting. 

And while Nicole, 56, admitted she “forgot” her castmates shared a first name, she still expressed some confusion over the whole situation, noting that Laura “doesn’t even call you Laura, though.”

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