Singapore beach: ‘Horror fish’ found on beach in Singapore, netizens shocked at new find


Weird things keep happening on Singapore beaches these days and the recent incident is a testimony to the same. A man named Dennis Chan found a creature with a buried face in the sand within shallow seawater, with its strange eyes toward the sky.The characteristics of the creature were so ‘bizarre, according to Chan, that he was left horrified and took to social media to share the details with his followers. Within a little time of his Instagram posts, it went viral and reached over a million views, according to ‘DailyStar‘.
Newly discovered fish can zap anyone in proximity

According to reports, the rather horrifying-looking creature had venomous spines and could give someone a zap if they touched it. It turns out that there are various other kinds of species of this weird-looking zappy fish that pack some electric shocks in their organs, which could be one of their defense mechanisms.

Dennis, in the video also gave a peek of the creature poking its head out of the sand and also warned against the nasty sting it could give to anyone in proximity. He could not believe his eyes when he first discovered this species half-buried on a Singapore sea-shore.

Please ‘unfind’ this creature, claim netizensThe oddball fish, according to reports, is quite similar to scorpionfishes and stonefishes and also could deliver some nasty stings through the venomous spines they contained. However, netizens were left rather shocked and repelled at this latest finding and some events claimed that Dennis ‘unfind’ this creature. Some even claimed that this fish triggered their ‘fish phobia’, based on its horrifying looks. Meanwhile, locals in the area, who saw the video, claimed to never swim in the area again in case they got stung by the creature or discovered it lurking nearby.


1. How many views did Dennis Chan’s video of the weird-looking fish get?
Dennis Chan, a social media user, shot to fame, after he discovered a horrifying-looking creature on a Singapore beach, half-buried in the sand. Within a little time of his Instagram posts, it went viral and reached over a million views.

2. Is the fish captured by Dennis Chan in the video, harmful?
Although not much is known about the creature that Dennis Chan captured in his Instagram video, Chan warned that it could give an electric shock to anyone near the creature through its ‘venomous spines’.

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