watson: Watson on CBS: Release date, filming, cast & details of Sherlock Holmes spinoff


After the success of “Elementary,” CBS is making a new show about Sherlock Holmes. But this time, Sherlock is dead! Instead, Dr. Watson, played by Morris Chestnut, is the main character. The show, called “Watson,” is about Dr. Watson‘s life after Sherlock’s death. He’s now a doctor again, running a clinic where he helps patients with rare diseases. But Sherlock’s old enemy, Moriarty, is still causing trouble. Now, Watson has to face Moriarty and solve medical mysteries instead of crimes.
Watson: Filming Date
As per the reports by the Hidden Remote, the new show “Watson” won’t be on TV for a while. CBS is waiting until the middle of the season to start airing it. When it does come out, it’ll be on Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. It’ll be shown after another show called The Equalizer.

The filming for “Watson” will start soon. It’s set to begin on Monday, June 17, and will continue until Friday, Nov. 22. The filming will happen in Vancouver, but the story will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, according to TribLive.

Watson: Cast

The main stars of “Watson” are Morris Chestnut and Rochelle Aytes. Morris Chestnut, known for his roles as doctors in other shows like Nurse Jackie and Rosewood, will play Dr. John Watson. Rochelle Aytes will portray Dr. Mary Morstan, who is both a skilled surgeon and the Medical Director of the hospital. She used to be married to Watson and still cares about him, even though they’ve split. While she respects Watson‘s detective skills in solving medical mysteries, she’s not always on board with his unconventional methods in the medical field.


Where is “Watson” filmed?
The filming of Watson will start on June 17 in Vancouver, although the story is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What’s “Watson” about?
Dr. Watson, played by Morris Chestnut, takes the spotlight, solving medical mysteries instead of crimes.

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