Congressman John Rose: Why has Congressman John Rose’s 6-year-old son hit the headlines? This is what he did during the house floor speech


Humor is one of the last things in the pipeline during the rather intense US Presidential election campaign and proceedings as the contest between former US President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden has grown only more intense. However, a congressman’s little son is oblivious to the intense political situation and takes an opportunity to put on a gurning show for the cameras inside the room while his father was delivering a serious speech to the House.

Republican’s speech viral for all the ‘right reasons’

Rep. John Rose, stood up and began delivering a meaningful and serious speech to the House about the controversies surrounding the conviction of former US President Donald Trump, while his son, Guy Rose, aged 6, was sitting right behind him. While Rose Sr. went on with his speech, Guy Rose began putting up a gurning show, making different kinds of faces, prompting people behind the camera to focus on him along with his father. Videos of this speech instantly became viral, not because of Rose Sr., but because of the light moment Guy Rose created in the House.

“Son took ‘smiling for the cameras’ too seriously”

Guy Rose made it abundantly clear that he was not going to let the faces of the Representatives and others in the House stay serious for long and once people started getting the hint of what was happening, things took a rather funny turn. This act of his instantly turned him into a social media sensation and also an overnight trending meme.

However, Guy Rose, who recently finished kindergarten, was not rebuked by his father for his actions. But Rose Jr. instead took things very lightly after getting to know the entire incident and wrote a rather light and interesting note on his Twitter handle. Be it the Rose’s opposition or his colleagues at the House, everyone took this opportunity to catch a laugh at the incidents of the day.


1. Who is Rep. John Rose’s son?
Rep. John Rose’s son is Guy Rose, aged just six years old, who is now trending on social media for putting up a gurning show for the cameras while his father was delivering a speech.

2. Why is Republican John Rose in the headlines?
John Rose was delivering a speech at the House around former US Prez Donald Trump’s conviction during which his little son posed for the cameras and began making faces, making him popular on social media overnight.

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