Padma Lakshmi Debuts New Lingerie Collection With Bare Necessities


The 20-piece collection features an array of rich textures, intricate prints, and a blend of global influences Padma has gathered from her travels. From edgy bras and swimsuits to dreamy loungewear and stylish cover-ups, each piece reflects her experiences and insights from a life spent exploring the world. The collection is designed to make you feel confident and most importantly, comfortable. Unlike the shapewear many women have experienced in their lives.

“I hate shapewear not only because it’s uncomfortable, but because it sucks and smashes everything in. And sure, I want my waist to be snatched, but I don’t need help pushing my booty down, I need every little bit of it. I’m Asian, I work very hard at the gym to have that butt and I don’t want anybody diminishing its fullness.”

She continues, “I want to look beautiful. I want to look ultra-glamorous, but I’m not willing to suffer to do it, there were many, many years and decades of my life where I did that, I ain’t doing that anymore, I’m not.”

Aside from choosing comfort over anything else, she goes on to tell us about her fitness lifestyle. While she still prioritizes it, she doesn’t believe in strict diets as they’ve always made her feel miserable.

“My mood is more important than my ass. I can sit down and hide my ass. I cannot hide my bad attitude.”

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